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Graphics of one amazing scottish actor

James McAvoy Graphics
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James McAvoy Graphics Community!
McAvoy Icons

Graphics of James McAvoy
I. Do not let the community name fool you, this community is open to any sort of graphic as long as it has to do with James McAvoy--icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, friends only banners.

II. Posts are not moderated but if a post has nothing to do with this community, we will delete it.

III. This community is open to graphics of James McAvoy and anything he has been in. You are not allowed to post graphics of something he has been in if none of the graphics include him. For example, Narnia graphics are wonderful as long as they include Mr. Tumnus somewhere.

IV. You may post up to four teaser icons--the rest must be under an lj-cut or in a link to your journal.

V. Any graphics bigger than icons must also be under an lj-cut or in a link to your journal.

VI. Any inappropriate graphics must also be under an lj-cut or in a link to your journal.

VII. To do an lj-cut please go here.

VIII. To link back to your own journal/community please go here.

IX. Pimpage of other communities is allowed as long as they're related to James McAvoy. This means no pimping for a Jennifer Aniston community or something. Remember, we don't moderate the posts but we do watch them.

X. TAG YOUR POSTS, with the type of graphics, ie. ICONS, WALLPAPER, BANNERS etc and where it's from, movies and such.
I. DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING. If you are caught stealing, you will be banned.

II. Follow the rules of the graphic maker.

III. Comments are always lovely as long as they are not criticism (unless the poster asks for it) or any rude remarks.

IV. Credit the graphic maker.

V. To credit a journal please go here.
To credit a community please go here.

James McAvoy Pictures/Screencaps:
James McAvoy Web
James McAvoy Net


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